On the Deck: The Pickles
Tonight - Juliano Brothers & DJ Brother Mike
This Weekend
Friday Special: $5 Strawberry Daiquiri & Rum Runner 3pm to 5pm
$3 Domestic Beer 5pm to 12am
$3 Fireball 10pm to 12am
Friday Night
No Cover
LeCompt & DJ Brother Mike
Saturday Special: $3 Domestic Beers 8pm to 12am
$3 Deep Eddy Flavored Vodka 8pm to 12am
Inside Jam: Juliano Brothers
Saturday Night - No Cover
Bonehead & DJ John Lee
Sunday Special: $3 Domestic Beers 8pm to 11pm
Sunday on the Deck: Rad & Kell
Inside Jam: Juliano Brothers
Sunday Night No Cover
LeCompt & DJ Brother Mike
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News & Notes
Welcome Back to the Summer of 2018. We are constantly trying to keep you entertained with the best young bands in the area and this summer will be no exception.
* Peyton's Promise will be back - Saturday June 9th - a great walk/run for a great cause. For more information click here.
* We of course kept some of your old favorites as well: SideArm & LeCompt. We also have some of your NEW favorites like Triple Turn Rail (formerly Philbilly) and Rad & Kell. Also of note, the Juliano Brothers will continue to play EVERY TUESDAY night once we open full time as well as Saturday and Sunday Jams - please check the entertainment calendar for more details.